Of hatemongers and peacemongers

A new kind of realization happened this afternoon. It occurred to me that dividing the world into hatemongers and peacemongers is a flawed exercise, yet I have been engaging in it for so many years.

I like to establish, communicate and uphold boundaries in relationships in order to feel safe, enjoy autonomy, nurture my well-being, and protect myself from abuse. However, I used to think that nation states are essentially hostile and violent because they are obsessed with security.

Just as human beings choose from a variety of available options when they feel threatened, I guess nation states do the same. This insight helped me see beyond the false distinction I had created in my mind. I’m suddenly able to understand people who are excited about war even though I disagree with them.

This is a strange feeling because I do not endorse violence yet I also recognize that cycles of birth and death, creation and destruction, are at the heart of how the universe operates.

Writer, educator and researcher

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