Feeling scared about the possibility of another India-Pakistan war?

If you are feeling scared about the possibility of a large-scale war between India and Pakistan, which extends beyond security forces to civilians in places faraway from the borders, I hear you.

Please make the time to listen to your body, and to acknowledge your feelings instead of pushing them away. I find it helpful to focus on how I can contribute in this situation, given my skills and strengths and state of mind.

I am aware of how language creates reality, so I try to be intentional about what I say. I use affirmations while drinking water, lighting candles and looking at trees. For example: “I live in a peaceful world. My mind is at peace. I am an agent of peace.”

Photo credit: Haroon Sheikh

I set boundaries regarding how much conversation, offline and online, I will participate in on this matter of war. I make such choices based on the energetic component of a conversation — how it makes me feel — rather than being driven only by the words used, and the people using them.

If you feel like you might benefit from the services of a professional therapist, please book yourself a session. If the timing feels right to you, trust yourself. There is social stigma related to seeking mental health support, so I understand your reluctance but I hope you are able to find what you need.

If spiritual practice in any form — praying, chanting, circumambulating, journaling, working out, serving, meditating, hugging trees, running, swimming, singing, cooking, dancing, lovemaking, tending to plants, painting, making mandalas, participating in a drum circle, working with crystals — helps you stay grounded, go ahead and give yourself the permission to prioritize your mental health and emotional well-being.

Oh, if you find someone really cute, you can tell them now. I just did.

Writer, educator and researcher

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