Ankit Chadha, the Storyteller Who Left the Stage Too Soon

Ankit Chadha (Source:

Bahut dinon se hain veeraan mohabbaton ke dayaar,
Bahut udaas hain dair-o-haram ki duniyaaaein,
Chalo ke phir se karein mohabbaton ka safar ijaad
Chalo ke phir se ek doosre ke ho jaayein,
Tumhaare shehr mein aaya hoon doston, ab ke
Na sher-o-naghme ki mehfil, na shayari ke liye
Jo tumhari anaa ka hi hai sawaal,
Toh chalo main haath badhaata hoon dosti ke liye

For an age, these lands of love have been desolate,
The worlds of religion, of temples and mosques, sorrowful
Let us, once again, start another journey of love,
Let us, once again, belong to each other, let us
I have come to your city, my friends, this time
Not for a congregation of music, not for poetry.
If your pride forbids you to make the first move –
So be it, Look! I stretch my hand out in friendship



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